How Rachael Ray's And Martha Stewart's Workout Routines Differ

Being a full-time chef is not an easy job. The shifts can be demanding and arduous. Additionally, the fact that you need to try several dishes while preparing delicious meals makes it even harder to ensure that you're taking care of your health. According to Shape, many culinary legends consciously take the time to incorporate healthy habits into their routines, such as working out on a regular basis to stay fit.

For example, celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli chooses to switch up things with funky dance lessons. Meanwhile, Giada De Laurentiis enjoys practicing yoga as often as possible. Also, Anthony Bourdain was pretty open about his love for Jiu Jitsu. He told Men's Journal, "I don't do anything but Jiu Jitsu. No weights or machines. I always feel incredible afterwards. It is the perfect countervailing force against my life as a professional glutton." Hear, hear!

Additionally, popular chefs Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray both love working out and lead disciplined lives. Per Insider, their styles are vastly different.

They have different exercise preferences

Basically, Rachael Ray prefers to keep things a bit simple and uses a combination of cardio and weight training to stay focused (via Insider). For the chef, a surgery was the inspiration she needed to change her routine. She told Women's Health that a cyst was removed from her vocal cord and she couldn't speak for weeks, something that was understandably frustrating for her. The gym became her sanctuary and allowed her to release some of her repressed emotions. "I got hooked on working out. And when I get obsessed with something, I get obsessed. Now I usually go to the gym six mornings a week," she explained.

Meanwhile, according to Martha Stewart's blog, the chef prefers variety while working out and tries to diversify her schedule. The chef includes everything you can possibly think of: horseback riding, weight training at home, gardening, and more. Stewart believes in pushing herself. She said, "There are some mornings when I don't feel like exercising, but I do it anyway, and I'm so glad afterward. I always feel refreshed and energized." The chef also likes to indulge in a bit of cardio and yoga. Inspiring!