This Is The Best Restaurant In The World, According To Bobby Flay

There are many things that can lead people to love a restaurant. According to Lightspeed HQ, the key to a great restaurant experience can include "friendly, personalized service, consistently great food, a memorable atmosphere, [and] efficient customer service." Gordon Ramsay somewhat agrees, telling the Future of Business and Tech that "A great restaurant will recognize locals instantly, understand how much time they have to dine in that restaurant and then, for me, it's all about the attention to detail — the specials to the cocktails to the lighting to the music to the seating arrangements."

Food & Wine came out with a list of the best restaurants in the world as of August 2020, and while none specifically came out number one, they have a rich overview of great restaurants and what makes them so. But Bobby Flay has a favorite restaurant of his own, which he claims is the definitive best restaurant in the world. So, which place reigns supreme in his mind?

Off to Copenhagen we go

According to Insider and many others, Flay is "one of the best-known TV chefs in the business," with "a reported net worth of $30 million." Needless to say his career and clout speak for themselves. Meaning, the "Iron Chef" master knows food and what he says is probably pretty dependable. In a conversation with Grub Street, Flay named Noma as the "best restaurant in the world" and it seems many other chefs agree.

The eatery is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and falls in second place on the 2019 list of The World's 50 Best, focusing on "New Nordic cookery" with a 20 course menu that changes throughout the year. So, if dining is based on experience and ambiance, it's not much of a surprise why people flock here. Should you trust in Flay's judgement that it is it the best restaurant in the world? Maybe. But it is certainly well-praised and seemingly worth the trip even if it stands at number two.