These Mini Cream-Filled Cupcakes At Costco Are Turning Heads

The one thing that's pretty admirable about Costco is the fact that it's a reliable store for any customer on the hunt for a delicious snack. If you're someone with a sweet tooth, you'll know that there is a lot of stuff worth checking out at the store. Getting desserts from Costco is especially a good strategy if you're entertaining guests and want to get your hands on delicious items in bulk. 

Per Insider, some of the best affordable treats include black and white cookies that will remind you of sweet cake, an at-home cannoli kit, a decadent mousse chocolate cake, mini Belgian waffles that are easy to carry with you, brownie bites, small cream puffs, and a lot more. Speaking of desserts, if you and your family can't get enough of cupcakes, listen to this: Costco fans are currently praising a particular variety of Lil' Mo mini cupcakes that can be purchased at the store.

These mini cupcakes are perfect for those with allergies

According to Instagram account Costco_doesitagain, Costco now has chocolate and vanilla Lil' Mo cupcakes from Better Bites Bakery. Yay! One of the best parts about this product is that it's gluten-free and vegan, making it the ideal dessert option for many consumers who want to adhere to certain dietary needs. A fan who tried the product mentioned that her husband has a gluten allergy and has grown rather fond of the cupcakes. He cannot even tell that the product is vegan or gluten-free. Nice!

Each cupcake only has around 100 calories, which earned cheers from many commenters. The product is available in a 12-pack container for $9.99. A Costco customer noted that their family members have many food allergies and the cupcakes are a perfect fit for them. They're especially favored by their kids. Sweet. Excited to try some yet?