This Is Andrew Zimmern's Favorite Japanese Snack

Andrew Zimmern really likes Japanese cuisine, truly. For example, Zimmern might rage against U.S. American breakfasts, but he'll start his morning off with a Japanese meal of rice, pickles, broth, and leftover broiled fish any day (via Life Hacker). The celebrity chef always has chopsticks, miso, dashi, soy sauce, yuzu, rice vinegar, sake, and several other Japanese condiments stocked in his kitchen so that he can prepare his favorite Japanese dishes at home (via Food & Wine). If you watch Zimmern's show, "Bizzare Foods," you'll have seen him in Okinawa, Japan, dining on egg custards, ramen, soba, robata-style fish, sashimi, yakitori, goya, in neighborhood bars (via Andrew Zimmern). Did we forget to mention that Andrew Zimmern likes Japanese food?

All of that's to say, you can go ahead and feel good about taking Japanese snack food recommendations from the Emmy-Award-winning TV personality. And, on First We Feast Zimmern gently reminded us of one of Japan's biggest open snack food secrets.

Yup, Andrew Zimmern's favorite Japanese snack is green tea-flavored

Yes, Andrew Zimmern's favorite Japanese food is green tea-flavored. Specifically, the chef is a fan of matcha flavored Kit Kats. "[The] Japanese are the only folk who are brilliant enough to make Kit Kats in every single flavor known to man," Zimmern gushed while enthusiastically tearing open a pack of matcha Kit Kats on First We Feast. "I mean these were cultish when they came out."

Are you surprised that Zimmern's on the everything-should-be-matcha-flavored fad? Don't be. He likes matcha soft serve ice cream, too (via Instagram). Some fads are worth following. Plus, the chef doesn't just like matcha flavored Kit Kats for their distinctive, baby green coatings. He's a fan of the candy bar, itself. We have it on good authority — i.e. Zimmern's Twitter — that the New York City-native is also a fan of rum raisin mini Kit Kat squares.