This Redditor Made A Chocolate Bar Out Of Coffee Beans

If you get a chance to have something that is combination of chocolate and coffee, would you go for it? For some (and if we're honest, maybe more than some), nothing is better than sipping on a mocha on a dull day. A Redditor decided to take things a step further by making a special chocolate bar. The ingredients that they used to achieve this feat? Coffee beans, combined with a few other ingredients, including cocoa butter. Seriously. 

They also mentioned that it's meant for those who absolutely love coffee and can't get enough of the beverage. "It tastes like, well, coffee. A strong coffee flavor that has a good balance between sweetness and bitterness: sorta akin to 75-80% dark chocolate, I'd wager," the Redditor wrote. They were so dedicated to the experience that they created different bars using two types of beans — namely, dark roast and Ethiopian. The texture is just like chocolate, by the way, and is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

They were fairly dedicated to this recipe

According to the author of the Reddit post, they came across something similar on a blog and were first inspired to try recreating it thanks to the fact that they purchased a wet grinder. The original recipe was far too bitter so they tweaked it. They explained, "Since the only real flavoring component was the coffee, I imagined that by reducing the source of the bitterness (coffee), and increasing the sugar, I could create a better balance between bitterness and sweetness."

They note that a bar like this rather high on caffeine: 130mg per 32g of confection, to be accurate. The sugar and caffeine will definitely give you a rush like no other. Other Reddit users were pretty excited by the recipe. Someone mentioned that they'd love to eat the bar, while a few others added that there are similar products in the market. However, an enthusiastic commentator wrote, "Don't let the presence of competitors dissuade you. You don't have to be the only one or even the best one, you just need to be better than a couple of the others."