Aldi Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Its Ground Beef

Aldi is a popular chain, in large part because they are able to offer cheaper prices than other grocery stores on many of their products. However, while everyone loves saving money, it ceases to be a good deal if the quality of the product is not up to par. Unfortunately, some Aldi shoppers have had that experience when purchasing their brand of ground beef. 

Many regular Aldi customers have reported inconsistent quality with Aldi's ground beef, which has some people questioning whether the meat is really worth the price. One shopper took to social media to express their disappointment with two less-than-satisfactory experiences buying Aldi's ground beef. "The first time I bought the 80/20 one it was absolutely vile, like there was something wrong with it. The second time I got it, it was delicious. Now, just yesterday, the third time I bought it, again, it was vile. Anyone else dealing with this?" the Reddit user asked. Here's what other shoppers had to say. 

Some Aldi shoppers have had issues with their meat products

Other Aldi shoppers were quick to confirm they have also had mixed results when it came to their Aldi ground beef purchase. "I love Aldi, but I can't do their ground beef. It has hard bits in it. Absolutely disgusting," Reddit user u/abis7 confirmed under the original post. Another had nothing but good things to say about the grass-fed ground beef, but said they had only heard bad things about their tubed ground beef. 

One user said they had never had any problems with Aldi meat at all, posting: "I get the 'never any' meats and have never had a problem. I actually love Aldi meats because so many of them are humane-certified and reasonably priced compared to Publix, etc," but others disagreed. "I have issues with most of their meats actually," u/elise024 wrote. "Their meats and fish have always been a disaster for me...I buy my main staples at Aldi but always buy my meat at Publix or Harris Teeter to be on the safe side," u/MiskatonicUAlum agreed.

It appears that while Aldi is the go-to store for many thanks to their great prices on fruit, vegetables, and pantry essentials, their meat products might not always be the most reliable. And if you do usually buy your meat from Aldi, it might be a good idea to approach their ground beef with a little bit of caution.