Saweetie Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy With 'McDonald's Nails'

Big Mac Mama also known as the artist Saweetie sent Twitter into a frenzy recently with a simple picture that asked, "true or false?" Born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, the Icy Girl singer and talented actress shared the picture that involved a statement in the image that read, "The longer the nails, the easier to reach that one last fry." On a background that looks like a takeout box or fry container you can see some extremely long square cut nails in what can only be described as McDonald's golden arches yellow juxtaposed with the traditional Ronald McDonald red lettering and adorned with some serious bling that's also reminiscent of salt crystals. 

When it comes to creativity, this food-themed manicure is innovative, playful, and fun. Commenters are absolutely thrilled while sharing their own nails, nail services, and other expressions of nail art. One person on Twitter wrote, "Like chopsticks for fries." Yes!

Yet others are a little more skeptical about the idea — read on to see what we mean.

Are long nails a good idea around food?

While we absolutely agree with the "A" for innovation, one has to wonder if it's a good idea to mix food and long fingernails. According to the CDC, nail hygiene is imperative, and you can assume it especially applies to food service. The CDC notes that fingernails "may harbor dirt and germs and can contribute to the spread of some infections." It's not to say that having long nails means they won't be clean, but with shorter nails, they're a little easier to keep sanitary.

Reading through the many comments on Saweetie's post that mention fecal matter and wiping issues, we'd have to agree that hygiene is a strong concern. Personally, we've seen poorly applied nails show up in a professional salad bar more than once — after that, there's a pretty big "ick" factor to overcome. 

All that said, a well-done manicure can be an amazing thing and hygiene can definitely be managed by conscientious individuals. Most cooks probably don't want to spend the time cleaning or balancing around those nails without damage to food or finger. 

All that's to say — Saweetie is a musician and not actually working in the kitchen at a McDonald's. She's simply out here promoting her collaboration with the fast food giant, and these cool nails are a stylish way to go.