This Keto 'Sandwich' Hack Is Perfect If You Don't Like Bell Peppers

We are all familiar with the bell pepper sandwich hack that went viral on TikTok in early 2021. Though the concept drew a lot of controversy over labeling this no-bread alternative as a "sandwich," many have deemed this recipe as a revolutionary, low-carb option. A Popsugar article describes the trend as one that "has us slapping our foreheads and asking why we haven't thought of this before."

But what if you aren't the biggest fan of bell peppers or don't have them on hand? In addition, bell pepper shells are a bit more bulky than traditional slices of sandwich bread, as you can imagine. Therefore, by making a "sandwich" and adding the handful of contents of your choice, you are prone to major spillage issues, according to HuffPost UK.

And now, we introduce this new "cucumber sandwich" that will change your life. Brit + Co includes it as one of 11 great sandwich hacks it found on TikTok.

How to do make a cucumber sandwich

So, how do you turn a cucumber into bread? This video by @healthylittlepeach shows the process of first thinly slicing one cucumber, before laying some of the pieces side-by-side. Then, like with the bell pepper hack, you just load up your new "sandwich" with ingredients that you like, such as cream cheese, deli meat, and banana peppers (as seen above). Lastly, you roll up your cucumber base and dig in!

Now, for some, this keto "sandwich" hack might be better suited as a snack, rather than an actual sandwich replacement. According to Global News, the recommended calorie intake for a meal should be between 500 and 700 calories, and this keto sandwich might be on the low end, or not even scraping this number. Therefore, if you're still hungry after one cucumber sandwich, consider making another one.

Nonetheless, if you're in search of a healthy, protein-packed snack, you should most definitely give this new "sandwich" hack a try.