Dawn Burrell's Favorite Top Chef Dishes

Dawn Burrell can do multiple things at once and excel at every task she focuses on. She was greatly appreciated for her performance on "Top Chef," as per Houstonia Magazine. She told the outlet, "I knew going into the competition that my fiercest competitor was myself." Burrell added that it was interesting for her because the competition required her to be confident about her cooking style and "allow the dish to speak to itself without all the extra flairs and touches."

According to a Thrillist piece, Burrell was also grateful for the support that she received from her peers on the show. She said that what made things even better for her was the fact that everyone was kind and considerate to each other while filming "Top Chef." The chef further added that the pandemic was pretty taxing for everyone involved, and it was important for her to respect and appreciate others in the restaurant industry.

Looking back on her time on "Top Chef," here are the meals that stand out to Burrell.

She's fond of two dishes in particular

Dawn Burrell got a chance to push herself as a competitor on "Top Chef." The chef, who's also a retired Olympian, told Thrillist in June 2021 that there were two dishes in particular that she really enjoyed cooking — namely, the African Diaspora challenge that saw her prepare delicious curried goat, along with fondant potatoes and roti. The dish also had a spicy element: green pepper sauce, to be precise. Yum!

She also enjoyed cooking seared scallop with Creole XO sauce and ham hock broth. Burrell said, "The scallop dish gives you a window into my new food style — it's the fusion of African and Asian techniques into one dish. That most depicts what I'm going to do in my new restaurant."

For Burrell, it's worthwhile experimenting a little with food and introducing her customers to new and unexpected flavors. She believes that many diners are now curious and don't mind experimenting with different cuisines. As she explained, "People are starting to appreciate that street food, or food of the people as I call it, is truly delicious."