New Wine Ad Featuring A Former President Has Internet Divided

If you are someone who likes wine, you need to pay attention to this. A company called We The People is focusing on making wine and upholding its conservative values at the same time. A description on the site reads, "Our wine is made for Americans by Americans. American exceptionalism, free markets, free people, free speech and limited government are what we stand for."

The brand also insists that it is dedicated to ensuring that it works toward preserving the diversity of Conservatives in the U.S. As for the wine itself, you can expect to buy classic options, such as the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Recently, We The People decided to release an advertisement promoting its values. The video has elicited extreme reactions from viewers. According to an Insider piece, some folks cannot believe that it's a wine commercial, while there are others who have chosen to support We The People.

We The People's ad has sparked controversy

As reported by Insider, We The People's ad features former President Ronald Reagan talking to the public at large, coupled with footage from different events, such as the Black Lives Matter protests, in the background. Also, Reagan can be heard saying some powerful stuff. He says, "I'm warning of an eradication of the American memory that could result in an erosion of the American spirit." The former president also mentions liberty and that it's important to convey the message that America essentially stands for freedom. 

The wine ad has left viewers feeling a range of emotions. Many are taken aback by its contents. One viewer wrote sarcastically on Twitter, "I love how literally the entire video takes minority democrats out of context to scare old white people.. lol." Meanwhile, someone else said, "I can't believe this is a commercial for wine, I never would've guessed. So f**king funny." Another person simply posted the video clip and wrote, "Chills."