The Worst Brand Of Ranch Dressing According To 25% Of People

Ranch is ranch. It almost transcends brands with childhood memories of dressing. But there are brands, of course. And people have ideas as to what best embodies the Platonic ranch dressing, and perhaps more importantly, which ones fall furthest astray. So, Mashed created a survey asking which brand of ranch dressing was the worst and 640 Americans responded. Just as well, as ranch dressing is as American as devotion to Fahrenheit. They know what they're talking about.

Unsurprisingly, the brand that comes off best in the survey is Hidden Valley, what many consider as the ranch dressing par excellence. Only 8.13% deem it the worst. Newman's Own follows closely, attracting the ire of exactly 10% of respondents. The fourth and third most disliked were Annie's with 16.41% of the survey and Wish-Bone with 17.19%.

All of them were left in the dust as 20.50% of voters agreed that 364 Organic was indeed the worst brand of ranch dressing. However, one more still stood tall as the focus of displeasure.

This ranch dressing may be the most 'meh'

It's Kraft. According to Mashed's recent survey, Kraft is the worst ranch, having acquired 25.78% of the vote. Why it suffered could very well come down to the fact that it is in competition with the likes of Hidden Valley.

While reporting on their own taster test, The Takeout compares this to ketchup or flatscreens at a Best Buy, in that the product may be good on its own, but once you line them up, you notice that it's comparatively poor. Their tasters did not mind Kraft's ranch dressing, but found its flavor too mild in comparison. Eat This Not That goes a bit further, crediting Kraft with offering the least unhealthy option but cautioning that "you can expect a bit of an artificial taste."

In essence then, Kraft's ranch hits the basic ranch notes one desires when slathering salads with the stuff. However, it fails to exceed in any way that makes it more than a rather "meh" choice of ranch.