TikTok Is Losing It Over This Cooking With Paris Scene

Everyone can cook and you don't need to qualify as a professional chef to whip up something delectable. No one proves that better than Paris Hilton on her new Netflix show, "Cooking with Paris." The program follows Hilton as she conjures together meals while navigating her kitchen, and does activities like washing a turkey with bottled water, and, of course, learning the name of cooking utensils she never encountered before (via The Guardian). 

While the star gets baffled by ingredients like chives, one truly memorable instance centers on Hilton struggling to identify a pair of tongs. In a clip from the show, Hilton joins forces with Kim Kardashian in the kitchen and Kardashian asks Hilton for tongs (via TikTok). Hilton, who refers to tongs as "a tongy," has no idea that the utensil has a proper name, causing Kardashian a moment of confusion as she searches Hilton's kitchen for the item.

TikTokers couldn't get enough of this scene, with commenters chiming in with replies that range from "The fact that Paris makes Kim seem like a normal person is so funny to me," all the way to "I hope shes [sic] joking because otherwise how do you get to that age without knowing what a tong is." While these users couldn't believe what they witnessed, other commenters on TikTok also had some choice thoughts about the interaction.

A hilarious moment with the 'tongy'

Over on TikTok, users couldn't get enough of the interaction between Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton on "Cooking with Paris" in which its titular star asked, "What's a tong?". Some commenters replied with "ah yes the picky uppy thing," and "If I knew someone that didn't know what a tong was, I would never speak to them again," while others applauded Hilton for the way she carries herself on camera. Some suspect that Hilton knew the name for tongs and merely plays a character, with comments like "Paris has been playing this character forever and then wonders why no one realizes how smart she is," backing up this point of view. That being said, to call the tongs a "tongy" is just *chef's kiss.*

Whether you believe Hilton truly didn't know the name of tongs or merely plays a character role, you can't deny that "Cooking with Paris" offers up some fun moments that get people talking. For more Paris moments and hilarity in the kitchen, make sure to check out this Netflix original and enjoy all the confusion Hilton displays while whipping up some very unique home-cooked dishes.