TikTok Is Impressed By This Employee Five Guys French Fry Reveal

You all know that Five Guy's french fries are made in real peanut oil, right? ("We want that melt-in-your-mouth buttery taste that nonhydrogenated oil offers," Five Guy's Chad Murrell let slip to Reader's Digest.) You may also know that employees shake Five Guy's fries 15 times — and exactly 15 times — after they hit the fryer. But have you ever been inside a Five Guys kitchen and watched the magic happen? TikToker Maez recently took the platform behind the scenes into the Five Guy's where he works and, to date, their Five Guy's french fries reveal has garnered 3.9 million views (via TikTok). 

So next time you go to Five Guy's to satisfy your milkshake craving — and order the obligatory bacon, peanut butter, and salted caramel mix-ins (via Five Guy's) — consider this before deciding on whether or not you need a side of fries. Yes, before you ask, Barack Obama got fries when he visited Five Guy's in Washington D.C.. In fact, Burger Voice claims he ordered 10 servings. 

TikToker shows how Five Guy's fries are really made

Here's what TikToker Maez's video doesn't tell you. If you order Five Guy's fries in the U.S., chances are your potato comes from Idaho. As of 2016, the burger chain was ordering 140 million pounds of potatoes from the state a year, according to Food Republic. Also — unlike other fast-food chains which pour dehydrated potatoes into hot oil, Five Guy's prepares french fries from fresh potatoes. All those potato sacks in your local Five Guy's restaurant? Those aren't (shocker) decoys. Maez's TikTok video is proof. Watch it, and revel over how Maez preps Five Guy's fries for frying. That includes rinsing potatoes, slicing them with a hand-powered slicer, and then power washing them. Notice how Maez sticks their hand into the power washer. No, it's not hot oil like some TikTokers thought it was. But yes — it looks really, really impressive. Here's what Maez doesn't let on. The power wash is key to taste and texture. "You need to blanch the fries to rinse the starch off of them or else the outside will burn up before the inside cooks," Chad Murrell explained to Food Republic.

As we mentioned, Maez's Five Guy's french fry reveal has 3.9 million views and counting. Because — who doesn't want an order of Five Guy's fries, now? "Only restaurant I trust and this is the reason why," wrote one impressed watcher. "Right now I'm comfortable paying all that money [for fries]," wrote another.