Cardi B Shared A Sweet Message About Carlo's Bakery

Cardi B loves her desserts just like the rest of us. According to Eat This, Not That!, the singer always has some candy at home to munch on. Some of her most preferred options include Kit Kat bars, Swedish Fish, Jolly Ranchers, and Starbursts. She also has some pretty specific preferences, like being a big fan of a pastry from Japan called Taiyaki (via So Yummy). This desert is full of red bean paste and the singer cannot help getting her hands on it whenever she gets a chance.

The rapper also recently admitted to loving another kind of decadent treat. Cardi B posted a lovely message on Twitter for Carlo's Bakery, talking about how she's been a fan of the cake shop for many years. The bakery is known for its appearances on the show, "Cake Boss" and its famous owner, Buddy Valastro. As per the brand's website, the age-old institution has been lovingly crafted by Valastro and his family members that work hard to create desserts and cakes that are truly one of a kind.

Cardi B is full of praise for the bakery

Cardi B took time out of her busy schedule to share a sweet message on Twitter about Carlo's Bakery and posted a video clip that featured delicious looking desserts from the shop. She wrote, "Ommmgg I already made a mess but thank you soooo much @CarlosBakery. I remember when I used to work in 8th and your store open, been a [customer] ever since." Valastro saw her post and Tweeted that he was glad to see that she loved the sweet pastries so much.

After seeing the singer's praise, a fan was so tempted by the irresistible desserts that they wrote about wanting to visit the bakery to eat some cake. Meanwhile, another Twitter user mentioned that they always wanted to get a wedding cake from Carlo's Bakery thanks to the fact that their mom used to watch "Cake Boss" all the time. Looks like the bakery could be getting a boost in sales after the rapper's shoutout.