Japan's New Canned Curry Drink Is Turning Heads

Although we love to cook, we have to admit that sometimes, convenience foods are where it's at. Whether we've had a long day at work, are facing an empty fridge, or just feel lazy, the occasional indulgence in canned soup, boxed cereal, jarred pasta sauce, and frozen pizza can be a lifesaver. For better or for worse, Americans tend to love processed foods. Just think about the common examples you can find in any grocery store — cake mix, pancake mix, boxed mac and cheese, canned pasta, and so much more. 

But if there's one country that's taken convenience food to epic levels, it's Japan. This, after all, is the origin country of instant ramen noodles, a phenomenon which has spread all over the globe. It's also where you can find pre-made foods, often available in high-tech vending machines, of a staggering variety, from canned bread to bottled fish stock to Coca-Cola slushies (via The Travel). And now, Japanese convenience stores and vending machines are adding another intriguing product to their stocks.

It's curry in a can that's available in vending machines

Here in the U.S., we're used to finding certain drinks in vending machines, namely canned soda, bottled water, and maybe the occasional iced tea or kombucha. But in Japan, vending machine drinks are just ... extra. You can find hot and cold canned coffee, melon juice with ice cream in it, salty lychee drinks, and super-strong energy drinks. You can even get bottles of "flying fish soup," a whole fish surrounded by fish broth (via The Travel).

Japan's fast-paced and on-the-go culture, lends itself to convenience food. And though the country's vending machines have offered some surprising snacks in the past, we were still taken aback to learn about "curry no kibun," a new offering from Japanese beverage maker Pokka Sapporo (via Japan Today). So what is it? It's curry in a can, of course. According to the outlet, this new curry is flavored with 10 spices, including white and pink peppercorn, mustard seed, and dried dill. It even has vegetables and meat in it, so it's pretty much a complete meal. The canned curry will go on sale across Japan later this month, and will be available at room temperature or already hot.