For Coffee, One French Press Stands Above The Rest

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We can't stress this enough: The Veken French Press Coffee Maker is not like other French presses. Besides being the most affordable of its kind, the Veken French press from Amazon offers coffee lovers a unique coffee-making experience, thanks to its transparent, borosilicate glass beaker. Unlike other coffee makers, this French press allows users to watch the coffee-making process from start to finish as the "hot water and coffee grounds separate" to produce a piping mug of pure happiness.

Veken's chic design immediately dresses up any countertop, taking your kitchen to a new level of elegance. Not to mention, it's soundproof — and has the durability to withstand extreme temperature changes — so you can brew a fresh cup of joe anytime of the day noise-free. With nearly 20,000 Amazon reviews, this French press scored a 4.7 out of five stars. Even more impressive, customers gave the coffee maker a 4.8 in the "easy to use" category, and a 4.5 in value for money, durability, and blending power (aka the precision of the French press). You should also know coffee drinkers gave the Veken almost five stars for flavor. 'Nuff said.

Its four-level filtration system is unmatched

While those are all great selling points, what really sets the Veken French Press Coffee Maker apart from its competitors is its four-level filtration system. This filtering system is made up of a double mesh filter as well as two additional filter screens, and has earned praise from customers worldwide. One Amazon buyer left a review stating they're "forever changed" by the flavorful taste of their pressed coffee ground.

According to the product description, this double mesh filter technique is a function other companies have yet to incorporate. That extra layer of filtration "minimizes residual grounds" so the coffee is as equally strong as it is pure, just like how it would be at a professional coffee shop. Not to mention, the Veken French press is more environmentally friendly than using machines that brew coffee through K-cups or pods (via YouTuber Happy Kitchen).

Included with each purchase is the official Veken French Press, a wooden spoon, a measuring spoon, a milk frother (for lattes!), the four filter screens, and a sponge cleaning brush. If you've never brought or used a French press before, don't let that scare you away. Amazon buyers swear by its user-friendly features. Plus, it comes with an instruction manual so you're taken care of.

Purchase the Veken French Press Coffee Maker on Amazon for $26.99.