Can Magnetic Knife Holders Damage Your Kitchen Knives?

Anyone who has taken the time, money, and effort to select and invest in great kitchen knives also needs to think through how the knives are stored. Otherwise, the knives could get damaged, and there's no point in investing in great pieces if they are not going to be properly cared for. However, one popular option for knife storage often raises questions about what it does to your knives.

According to Japana Home, many people worry about magnetic knife holders altering the blade edge of knives. While there is a real concern for chipping knives or even scraping them up with these holders, the magnet shouldn't pull the knives' edges toward the magnets (via Epicurious). To avoid these problems, consider shopping for a pricier holder. They are well worth the money, because the magnets tend to be stronger and are embedded in wood. The stronger magnet will keep the knives from slipping while the wood prevents the knives from being damaged by the metal.

This is how you should use a magnetic knife holder

Even if you do buy a great magnetic knife holder, there are still some details and practical tips for properly using the storage method. The first thing you should know when using a good, high-quality magnetic knife holder is how to properly place the knives back onto the holder when you're done using them (via Epicurious). Instead of trying to lay the knife's flat side against the magnetic knife holder straight off, start by placing the flat back of the knife's blade to the magnet. Then you can turn it onto its side without the risk of hitting the knife's edge and chipping it.

Keep in mind that you want to avoid a magnet that is too strong, as well. This will also help prevent your knives from being pulled too hard or snapped to the magnetic knife holder.

According to Epicurious, even artisan knife-maker Bob Kramer prefers a magnetic knife holder above other storage options. It all comes down to easy storage and the ability to see exactly which knife you want to use for any given kitchen task. So, if this style of holder is good enough for a knife-maker, it should be a good option for most anyone.