What Top Chef's Gabriel Pascuzzi Really Eats In A Day

For chef Gabriel Pascuzzi, growing up was tricky. As a child, he was often bullied and didn't know how to deal with it (via Bravo TV). He said that he would turn to food items and "things that weren't really good for [him]." Pascuzzi explained, "I didn't understand why I could watch my friends eat the same stuff as me, and we played the same sports, but I kept putting on weight and having to move up pants sizes. I had an unhealthy relationship with food and my diet."

Things changed for him when he began working as an apprentice for his uncle, who urged him to avoid unhealthy items such as soda. Plus, he didn't have access to fast food for a long time and that helped him change his perspective on food. He said, "I saw the connection [between] food and drinks and how that truly affected my body. From that point on, there was no other choice than to become a chef."

He maintains a balance

The chef told Bravo TV that he continues to stay away from items like soda and junk food. Pascuzzi starts his day by keeping his breakfast simple and wholesome. He said, "I try to have a protein drink or make a healthy scramble or something in the morning." Furthermore, the chef said that he usually doesn't have time for lunch because his schedule keeps him so busy. He said that dinner is simple for him and is usually made up of chicken or fish, lots of vegetables, and a salad on the side. 

However, he doesn't stop himself from experimenting with new food items and treats himself to cheat meals every now and then. Moderation is key, though. He goes out a couple of times a week at the most and prefers home-cooked food on a regular basis. He added that "cooking at home is huge for keeping things good for you." Makes sense, right? And in Gabriel Pascuzzi's case, the results speak for themselves.