The Popular Backyard Grill Bobby Flay Swears By

With summer in full swing, the odds are pretty good that you have, at some point, already had occasion to level a few choice "words" at your barbecue grill. That's because even the most accomplished of cooks among us can sometimes struggle to find a way to get our grills to cooperate with us. And, sadly, more than just a few T-bones have died while we were busy trying (that being said, if you actually do prefer your meat well-done, there's a highly lauded celebrity chef who is prepared to defend your honor, and further, it's possible there's even a medical explanation). 

The question, of course, is whether it is fair to place the blame on the grill rather than on ourselves. Or to turn that question on its head, when grilling goes great, is it the grill's "fault?" While opinions on the topic may vary, at least some people appear to think the grill you use plays an important role. One of those people is none other than celebrity chef, restaurateur, and host of television's "Barbecue Addiction" Bobby Flay. Someone who clearly knows a thing or two (or everything) about grilling as well as how not to do it, Flay has not been shy about his feelings toward a particular backyard grill. And as recently as August 10, 2021, Flay has been heard name-dropping his grill of choice on an episode of his podcast.

Bobby Flay swears by the kamado grill

On his podcast "Always Hungry," where he stars alongside his daughter, Sophie, Bobby Flay makes what appears to be a reference to a particular kind of grill. Just over halfway through the "Summertime Eating and Drinking" episode, the elder Flay explains that he uses cooking to show "love and appreciation" for people. He goes on to say that he really enjoys barbecuing on summer holidays, adding, "So I have a Big Green Egg."

Described by Consumer Reports as a "ceramic beast of a charcoal grill and smoker," the Big Green Egg is a kamado grill that debuted in the 1970s. It's built for lengthy, low-temperature cooking. Flay has appeared alongside his Big Green Egg on more than one occasion. Taking note in 2011, the company Big Green Egg posted on Facebook, "Guess what grill is Bobby Flay's new Barbecue Addiction" in reference to the chef's Food Network show. In 2015, a user on the Komodo Kamado forum wrote, "This morning I saw BBQ Addiction with Bobby Flay. He was making Spare Ribs on a BGE."

Those who subscribe to the "cult of kamado" (via New York Times) know that a passing reference to the egg-shaped behemoth of a grill is more than what it seems. Rather, for kamado devotees, the words "Big Green Egg" alone are enough to signify true barbecue greatness.