What Makes Ruby Tandoh's Cookbook So Unique

If you are part of "The Great British Bakeoff" cult-following, then you are also familiar with the powerhouse foodie Ruby Tandoh. This Scottish-born baker rose to fame when she appeared on the 10-week cooking competition show as a Season 4 contestant (via The Cinemaholic). The highly-successful journalist found her passion for food at University, because she was sick of eating tinned food for dinner. According to The Cinemaholic, Tandoh appeared on the British baking show "barely a week into her classes," without even knowing the basics of how to create a cake. Her bold but unusual choice paid off, skyrocketing her cooking career.

While Tandoh was not crowned victor in her first appearance of "The Great British Bakeoff," she battled her way to the final episode and ultimately became the runner-up (per Eater). Known for being scrappy and clever, the London-based food personality was a Season 4 fan favorite, and is now universally considered one of the most famous contestants from the show. Tandoh has gone on to write for publications such as the Guardian, Elle, and Vice, and is a regular contributor to Eater. This female food talent has also published multiple successful cookbooks. But that's not all. This 29-year-old food writer has more plans up her sleeve. Keep reading to discover her latest innovative cookbook endeavors.

Tandoh pioneers new cookbook formats with "Breaking Eggs" and "Cook as You Are"

Ruby Tandoh is a risk-taker. There's no denying it. In March 2021, this Brixton-based baker pushed the boundaries on traditional cookbook formatting by releasing an exclusive audio cookbook called "Breaking Eggs." In a Twitter post, Tandoh stated that the book might interest those who "struggle with written instructions, need extra guidance in the kitchen, or just want to break from the same old." Considered to be one of the first of its kind, "Breaking Eggs" provides step-by-step instructions from Tandoh with appropriate pauses, allowing the home cooks to keep up as they follow along (via The Guardian). This one-of-a-kind audiobook, which includes only four recipes, forces users to slow down, not cut corners, and enjoy the experience of cooking the way that they are meant to.

This genius baker continues to focus on her customers' experience with the release of her new cookbook, "Cook As You Are," which will be released this coming fall on October 7, 2021 (via Twitter). Following a similar theme to "Breaking Eggs," Tandoh targets this cookbook towards "people who find reading difficult," and "people who struggle with complex instructions." This groundbreaking new cookbook is described as an "easy-read," with accompanying bright color photos, making it approachable for the "disabled or neurodiverse" community. With her new unprecedented cookbook formats, Tandoh is opening up the world of food to a whole new community and making the joy of cooking accessible to all.