How Amy's Baking Company Is Doing After Kitchen Nightmares

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Fans of "Hell's Kitchen" may remember another popular Gordon Ramsay reality series called "Kitchen Nightmares." The popular show premiered in 2007, just two years after the first season of Hell's Kitchen" in 2005, and ran for seven seasons, according to IMDb. The concept was simple: Audiences watched Ramsay on his quest to rescue failing restaurants all over the country, per Screen Rant. "Kitchen Nightmares" featured different restaurateurs going head-to-head with Ramsay as he, not so delicately, pointed out the flaws of their menu, business operations, staff, and kitchens. Of course, most fans would agree that the showdown between Ramsay and restaurant owners would often result in an intense, yet entertaining, viewing experience as he sought to improve an eatery's bottom line and patronage. 

One of those heated exchanges pitted Ramsay against the memorable couple, Amy and Salomon "Samy" Bouzaglo, of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona. Things quickly got out of hand during the episode, with the two trading more than a few barbs with Ramsay. According to Eater, even Ramsay couldn't handle the arguing, so he stopped working with the Bouzgalos, saying, "It's not normal for a restaurant to go through that many staff, it's not normal for a kitchen that small to have 65 items on the menu, and it's not normal for the level of animosity that you've built inside this restaurant and outside."

Amy's Baking Company is now closed

Chef Ramsay wasn't the only one who became fed up with the couple. As reported by Eater, Amy's Baking Company received a lot of flak from its customers. Reviewers on Yelp claim the service was really bad, with one diner writing, "The food was mediocre and almost inedible...owners were very rude to others while there. Not very hospitable." Another Yelp reviewer also mentioned that they had to stick around for an hour to receive their order and were threatened by the owners when they complained about the service. Ouch! 

Well, it seems like Amy's Baking Company has not survived the test of time. According to Kitchen Nightmares Updates, the bakery closed in 2015 after its owners found a new buyer for the business. In response to a question posted on Twitter about the business closing, Amy's Baking Company confirmed the news, tweeting, "Yes! Now we can focus on several other projects!" 

In regards to those other projects, Amy is busy creating content on Instagram and earning revenue through her shop on Amazon, which features homemade goods. One of her recent Instagram posts gave viewers a glimpse of her latest creation — a sweet-tart lemon meringue pie. Judging by the comments, like Ramsay, many weren't impressed.  

The internet hasn't forgotten Amy's Baking Company

As mentioned previously, Amy's Baking Company stirred up a lot of controversy via customers' accusations and the owners' heated responses on social media. After being taken down a peg by Gordon Ramsay, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo told the New York Post that they were "completely shocked and mortified" by how they were portrayed by "Kitchen Nightmares," even going so far as to accuse the show of sabotaging their business. 

When interviewed for "Dr. Phil," the pair insisted that the customers they'd gotten into verbal and physical altercations with were actors hired by the show to further tarnish their reputation. Interestingly, Reddit users have since pointed out that the company had poor reviews even before appearing on "Kitchen Nightmares," suggesting that its downward spiral was, at most, only exacerbated by the show.

The couple attempted to reboot Amy's Baking Company in California, only to close up shop again when Samy's immigration case came under scrutiny due to his failure to divulge his criminal past. Shortly thereafter, the Bouzaglos packed up and moved to Israel, where Amy is still baking up a storm.