You Should Be Adding Ramen Seasoning To This Snack

Ramen is a quick, easy meal that packs a lot of bang for under a buck. There's really not much more to preparing the tasty dish than ripping open that foil packet of goodness, mixing it into boiling water, and dropping in the block of noodles. If you have a more gourmet meal in mind (treat yourself!) you could even use the noodles to try out one of the recipes on Nissin's website, like Ramen-Crusted Firecracker Shrimp or Charred Corn Top Ramen Salad.

Since a small stockpile of ramen noodles runs less than $5 at Walmart, we know that you might already have a surplus of these noodles lying around. In which case, you might be tired of noodles altogether, but ready to experiment with the contents of that little foil packet. One Reddit user did just that and found an excellent use for ramen seasoning — using it as a popcorn topper! Thea_From_Juilliard posted in Food Hacks, "Hear me out: a ramen packet makes an awesome popcorn seasoning! Mix the powder with some melted butter or margarine and then toss with the popcorn. Add chili powder for an extra kick."

If you are currently out of ramen and wondering which brand you should buy, responders offered some advice.

The best ramen brand seasoning for topping popcorn

The ramen popcorn seasoning hack received a lot of love on Reddit, including an impressive net vote total of 4.3k. There were also over 200 comments (as of this writing), and several of these were from ramen enthusiasts recommending a common brand: MAMA. According to online grocery Temple of Thai, MAMA brand noodles are popular in Thailand, and the favorite flavor is Tom Yum Shrimp. Ingredients like exotic kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, chili paste, and artificial shrimp flavor make up the seasoning of this sour and spicy soup.

While Tom Yum popcorn sounds like an awesome idea, one Redditor did pose an interesting question about using ramen seasoning for popcorn: "It actually sounds delicious, but what are you gonna season your ramen with?" There were some interesting responses suggesting butter or bullion to be used as flavoring instead, but we couldn't help but notice the irony of one response in particular: "I actually put popcorn seasoning on noodles sometimes." It's the circle of seasonings, and it confounds us all.