TikTok Can't Believe How Milk Is Sold In Canada

In Canada a lot of things are done differently. But selling milk in plastic bags and being able to drink it with a fork? That's simply a concept we cannot wrap our heads around. In this viral TikTok video by @saifshawaf, he reacts to another user's video in which milk is shown being picked up by a spoon. The user then tries to do the same with a fork, then fails because of the gaps.

The TikToker then films himself going to his refrigerator, grabbing a plastic bag of milk, then pouring it into a glass to attempt picking it up with a fork. He actually is successfully able to do it, by some miracle, but that isn't what people in the comments are talking about. One commenter wrote, "you get milk in plastic bags," with two confused emojis. Another left the comment, "HOW DO U PUT MILK IN A PLASTIC BAG" with 23 others liking the message in agreement.

TikToker addresses the bagged milk in a follow-up video

Because of the number of comments left in regards to the bagged milk, @saifshawaf made a follow-up video that showed him going to the grocery store, where all milk is sold in plastic bags. He then proceeds to purchase one large bundle, before opening it at home for a demonstration. He then takes one milk bag from the package and puts it into a pitcher. After snipping a hole in a corner of the bag, he pours some milk into a cup.

The TikTok creator, who has 3.2 million followers and is verified, finished off the video with the question, "I thought everybody did this?" He later wrote in the comment of the video that, "I believe it's only the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. So not all of Canada.. my bad." However, that didn't stop the large number of confused Americans in the comment section from still not understanding the concept of bagged milk. We are guessing that is a topic that will forever remain controversial, or as the TikToker puts it, "The Canadian Way."