The Shocking Reason Jon Taffer Compared Employees To Dogs

"Bar Rescue" star Jon Taffer just made a very controversial statement on Fox News, comparing employees to dogs when asked about financial benefits from the government (via Twitter). Taffer's reasoning for what he said revolved around the idea that in the military, dogs are only fed at night and therefore were hungry and motivated to work all day. He also states that the government's benefits make "absolutely no sense." 

Justin Baragona, contributing editor at the Daily Beast, re-shared the interview and people were outraged. One Twitter user wrote, "Oh yeah, remind me never to watch his shows again," which got seven retweets and almost 150 likes in agreement. Another user added, "I'm a Millennial & I won't apologize for wanting vacation days. Or sick time. I won't apologize for refusing to perpetuate the idea that you're only valuable on Earth if you've worked yourself into illness & death. I get one life & I'm not living it for Laura Ingraham's mother." 

Jon Taffer's controversial history

This isn't the first time Taffer's actions caused backlash. One noteworthy example of this was the time when a bar owner was supposedly instructed to make inappropriate comments about women by producers on the celebrity's show, according to Gossip Cop. This led to a physical confrontation by Taffer himself, which eventually led to a court case that was dismissed after being settled for an undisclosed amount of money. The show's success rate is often a point of controversy as well. Despite Taffer's help and expertise, many of the bars that are featured on the series have now closed. 

With his recent statement on Fox News about restaurant workers, it doesn't seem like Taffer has a lot of support in his corner (via Twitter). Nonetheless, the food personality appears to be unwavering in his stance that restaurant employees should work their hardest, without relying on government benefits.