The Real Reason Costco Put A Purchase Limit On These Items

Even though the Delta variant is causing a lot of problems currently (per Reuters), there's a non-COVID-related reason that Costco has a purchase limit on certain items right now. Fortunately, it's a lot more fun than a seemingly never-ending pandemic, even if it's likely going to be a burden on your bank account.

The Costco Member-Only Savings event is going on now through August 29, according to Eat This, Not That!. The warehouse wants everyone to have reasonable access to the deals, so there's a limit on a whole bunch of items to keep things from selling out too quickly. It's also worth noting that one popular item is under a purchase limit not related to the sale: bottled water. Only five cases of any brand can be bought in one trip due to supply issues.

So, whether you find yourself in the market for deals on a food-preservation system, anti-wrinkle eye cream, or a new washer/dryer combo (via the Costco website), you might want to hit up Costco's Member-Only sale for savings galore. Just don't expect to walk out with mass quantities of certain things!

Notable items on the Costco purchase limit list

Peet's Coffee is a beloved Costco staple among caffeine enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there's a purchase limit of "only" five 2-pound bags right now. It retails during the sale for just $11.99, says Eat This, Not That!

Premier Protein shakes in the chocolate flavor are another victim of the purchase limit. Only four 18-packs per trip are allowed both on-site and online. They are currently being sold at a discount of $7 off. Along the same lines, the 23-count variety pack of Pure Protein bars is available only for limited purchase (via the Costco website). They're currently on sale for $17.99 ($5 off the regular price), and there's a quantity limit of 10 per member.

Also, members can only walk out of Costco with up to five 45-count packages of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers. As detailed on the store website, these normally retail for $11.49, but are ringing up during the sale for $3 off. There are literally hundreds of other items on the Member-Only Sale list, so make your list, check it twice, and be sure that your credit limit is up to snuff for this mega-event.