TikTok Is Loving This Glam Guacamole Recipe

This one is absolutely fabulous! A new "Glam Guacamole" video by creator Shiadanni on TikTok has people talking and you better not give her any grief! Shiadanni begins the video brandishing a pink-banded straw hat with an exceptionally large, floppy brim, as well as a pink boa and a pink satin kaftan that compliments her lovely colorful locks.

In a performance that can best be described as an angry Gloria Pritchett from "Modern Family," our cooking host proceeds to dramatically go through the steps of creating a basic guacamole — in parts, she's helping the audience and in other parts, she's insulting them with her superiority. Dramatically chopping tomatoes and onions, the video creator also teaches American audiences how to properly cut an avocado, calling it "black magic." While prepping, Shiadanni takes a jab at the audience, saying, "You can use your boring plastic bowl Tiffany," but she cautions, you won't necessarily have the correct "Immigrant power" to add the Spanish glam and finishing touches.

We're not worthy, but we encourage you to keep watching anyway.

Guacamole never looked so good

A true diva like Shiadanni clearly needs to let her personality of excess out as she cooks. Whereas normal people might use half of a lemon to season the guac, Shiadanni uses 125. No tototos or hot sauce — a total crisis for some! –but we all must suffer for our art. As our new guardian of glam proclaims on her profile, "I am back, even though you don't deserve me" (via TikTok). 

And her followers are loving it. One person says, "I wish I could watch this for the first time again" and another said, "OMG this is why I joined TikTok. This is the content. This. Is. It." Yet another commented hoping that Netflix producers were watching to give Shiadanni her own cooking show.

What adds to this impressive video is the incredibly humorous captions along with some impressive vocal chops, too. Shiadanni is, in addition to being a hilarious video creator, a singer and songwriter originally from Guadalajara (via her official website). Her best known songs include "Kitty Mama" and "Turn On My Brain," and her works frequently feature both English and Spanish language lyrics.

But as for cooking, her 2.4 million followers agree — this glam guacamole is definitely something special. In the words of Shiadanni herself, it's "more beautiful than your baby."