OpenTable Is Making It Easy For Restaurants To Remember If You're Vaccinated

Sometimes it's hard to remember the days where the decision to eat out only came down to what you were in the mood for. Now, with changing infection rates, continuously updated guidelines, and general confusion about the safety of contact with people outside of your household, eating out is a lot more complicated. But, enjoying a meal that you didn't have to cook and eating off of dishes you don't have to clean is one of life's most-treasured elements. 

Luckily, apps like OpenTable are making it easier to get outside of your home and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at you favorite establishment. The app — a restaurant reservation and customer management service — is currently rolling out a new feature that makes restaurant dining in this pandemic world a little simpler. If this sounds appealing, and you're ready for a safe way to eat out, keep reading for all the details of the company's newest feature.

OpenTable will launch a new feature marking customers as "verified for entry"

Launching in late August, OpenTable announced that is has designed a feature that allows restaurants to seamlessly verify that incoming customers have met certain standards the establishment imposes, including proof of vaccination. Likewise, on the customer end of things, diners will be able to see what safety precautions different restaurants are taking so that they can make informed and confident decisions about entry. 

OpenTable explained how the new feature works, stating, "restaurants will check that a diner has met entry requirements (including proof of vaccination) and can then tag a diner as "verified for entry," confirming they have met the current requirements for that restaurant." This also means you can easily go back to your favorite restaurants without having to prove your verification status each time. In the same post, the company explained that this would not mean that OpenTable is storing vaccination card information, rather that someone has met different restaurant-imposed requirements. 

Individual restaurants will be able to determine what they're accepting as proof of vaccination status, depending on state or local guidelines. Knowing only verified patrons are entering your favorite restaurant will also add a layer of security and comfort to customers concerned about possible contact with infected individuals. As vaccines remain the best way to protect against COVID-19, features like these ensure it's easier than ever to enjoy your favorite meal out in the safest way possible (via CDC).