Twitter's Hilarious Response To This Wegmans' Canned Tomato Mistake

To pick up an item without looking at it and then going to the counter and paying for it, demands a certain level of faith on our part as buyers. This is especially true when we're talking about purchasing grocery store items, which have been packaged and labelled so its contents are completely hidden from view. These can range from canned goods, bagged, and packaged frozen items. 

So, we can only imagine how irate one social media user would have been when she left Wegmans with what she thought was a can of diced tomatoes with roasted garlic and onion, only to find that when she had returned home she had a can of sliced yellow peaches. No one would have been too surprised to find her on Twitter with her awkward reveal. She posted a picture of the can that had tomatoes on the outside label and clearly showed peaches on the inside, writing, "Wtf Tomatoes my ass!"

Twitter lost it over the mislabelled can

It didn't appear to take long for the contents of a can labelled "Food You Feel Good About" to become "Food You Can Only Complain About," and Twitter was there to commiserate with their fellow social media denizen for the switcheroo. We could only imagine the thinly veiled snickers as one social media user wrote, "Well, the tomatoes identify as peaches." Another Twitter user was trying to look on the bright side and asked, "So.. if you expect tomatoes and get peaches... at least you can enjoy eating the peaches in some sort of dessert.. right?" 

While a third user pointed out, "I bet they taste just peachy." However, the original poster shouldn't have been surprised by all the jokes. As a fourth member of the Twitterverse put it, "Mama always said 'Life was like a can of Wegmans, you never know what you're gonna get.'"