This State Has The Most Expensive Pizza On Average

Pizza is beloved by so many people with good reason. It has all of the components like salt, fat, and acid, that really make our taste buds sing according to Samin Nosrat. It's also relatively inexpensive and is readily available throughout most of the day and even late into the night. However, for some unlucky people, the tomato pie can actually be pretty pricey.

If you really consider how often most people consume the cheesy treat, it actually equates to big business. According to Expensivity, pizza became an industry raking in a billion by the 1980s. With the first pizzeria in the U.S., Lombardi's, dating to 1905, that means it only took 75 years for the industry to swell to such heights (via First Pizza). But things have definitely changed since then. Today, pizzerias offer a range of options spanning from deliciously inexpensive to pricey pies made with imported ingredients.

The priciest pies can be found here

While you might think that the rising cost of ingredients and inflation might have something to do with the location of the most expensive pizza on average, it might actually be because of shipping costs more than anything. Expensivity found that the most expensive cheese pizzas in the U.S. on average were in Alaska at $9.21. Conversely, the cheapest at just $6.64, was found in North Dakota.

But Virginia Beach, Virginia, won the cheapest pepperoni pizza title with a cost of just $6.26. Oklahoma has the most expensive pepperoni pizzas at $15.56 per pie. That's hard to swallow given that pepperoni pizza is the only way to go for a lot of people. Those that live in states from Montana to Mississippi and back up to Maine, are the most likely to pay the highest prices for pizza. It would seem those states currently and increasingly have the highest pizza prices on average.