The Problem Some People See With This 'Spill-Free' TikTok Hack For Saving McDonald's Fries

When's the last time you went through the McDonald's drive-thru and didn't come out with an order of its world-famous fries? It's nearly impossible to resist those delectably crispy potato sticks once their mouthwatering scent wafts into the car, and even if you pulled up to the eatery with zero intentions of getting food for yourself, you might as well tack an extra medium or large fry onto your order to snack on during the drive home so you don't spend the rest of the day regretting your decision to pass them up.

Yes, the craveability of McDonald's French fries is unmatched, usually leaving us with an empty carton and a longing for more at the end of our meal. However, on those rare occasions that you do have a few leftover fries that you want to hang on to for later, TikTok user @laddllly has just the trick for you. In a video that has since gone viral, the user demonstrated how to fold up a McDonald's French fry container by pushing the left and right sides of the box inwards before pushing the front of the box in as well, creating a small pocket that the longer back lip of the carton can be folded down and tucked into. The process transforms the once open-ended carton into a sealed pocket that won't allow any of your fries to fall out, which the TikToker demonstrated by turning the closed box upside down and shaking it.

Most people aren't saving any of their McDonald's fries for later

Since being shared, TikTok user @laddllly's McDonald's fry carton-folding video has earned more than 1.5 million likes and thousands of comments, though not all of them were singing with praise. While user @noahbeckyyybeck applauded the hack and even went as far as dubbing it life-changing, others questioned the need for it in the first place. "Why would you not want to finish those fries," user @missybys asked, and we can't say that we weren't wondering the same thing.

Aside from the fact that most of us don't possess the strength to leave any French fries from Mickey D's uneaten, user @rileypaytenyoung also pointed out that "U can't eat them reheated or cold it's terrible." We can all probably agree that fresh McDonald's fries are the best – a fact that even the chain itself acknowledges. Per the McDonald's website, restaurants won't serve any fries that are more than seven minutes old to ensure that customers get the best batch of fries possible. While we commend our TikToker friend for their ingenious French fry-saving trick, we think we'll just follow user @xallnighter.x's approach and gobble our carton down "in 10 secs" instead.