Kit Kat Has Good News For Marshmallow-Lovers

If you're a marshmallow lover whose childhood was ruined by the demise of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, or who only attends campouts for the s'mores, or who gets angered at the mere suggestion of a Thanksgiving without candied yams, then marsh-mellow out, dude: Kit Kat has got some good news for you. The upcoming spooky season marks the return of Witch's Brew Kit Kat bars — a wicked take on the classic Kit Kat bar, featuring a green creme coating that tastes distinctly of marshmallows, Delish reports.

As we all know, the traditional Kit Kat snack consists of four connected chocolate bars, each containing three wafers layered with yet more chocolate. Bars can be broken off to be consumed individually or — if you're a monster — you can just bite into the four-fingered bar at random. Witch's Brew Kit Kat bars are largely the same, but the outside of the bars is coated with an eerie green chocolate creme, and they are accompanied by a cute cartoon witch on the bag. Witch bar is better? Gimme a break.

Break me off a piece of that marshmallow

According to Hershey's, the original Kit Kat was invented in England in 1935, where the Brits called it "Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp," and marketed the bar as "the biggest little meal in London." It wasn't until 1937 that the popular British snack food would inherit its feline-like moniker, and not long after when Hershey and Nestlé realized that those tiny bars could do so much more.

Things started fairly simply with dark chocolate and white creme versions of the popular candy bar, but these days you can find everything from key lime pie to fruity cereal iterations of Kit Kats. The Japanese market boasts even more flavors like matcha, soy sauce, and cherry blossom, according to The Irish Sun. Apparently, the bar is a popular gift for anyone who might otherwise be fortune's fool; the name Kit Kat sounds very similar to the Japanese for "good luck," so the candy is often gifted to students around exam season. When Nestlé and Japan's postal service collaborated on a special write-your-own-message line of Kit Kats, they sold out in a month. Witch's Brew is simply a seasonal favorite in a long line of Kit Kat flavors — better grab one before they ghost you.