The Real Reason Tim Tebow Partnered With Clean Juice

Popular athlete and philanthropist Tim Tebow recently revealed his support for the organic juice company, Clean Juice. Per QSR Magazine, Tebow is thrilled to be a part of this collaboration and has a lot of faith in the company's mission. "They are always transparent with their ingredients, and I'm so excited to partner with a company whose values are similar to mine in loving people and providing clean, healthy nutrition," Tebow said.

Tebow added that he wishes that other brands would adopt the same approach and be more transparent about their products with their customers. The athlete revealed that the collaboration took off after he spoke to the founders of Clean Juice, Kat and Landon Eckles. He was immediately impressed with their ideas. "Once I knew that their hearts were focused on loving people and serving really clean and healthy products, I was really excited to get involved!" Tebow explained.

Tim Tebow hopes to inspire change

For Tim Tebow, this partnership is a way to ensure that more customers across the country can get access to healthy options. Additionally, he wants to make Clean Juice "a household name in the organic food and beverage business." As per QSR Magazine, the collaboration will also involve Clean Juice working with Tebow's nonprofit organization. The Tim Tebow Foundation and Clean Juice will focus on the Quarters 4 Kids initiative, a project that works to open up opportunities for underprivileged kids.

As per The Charlotte Observer, Clean Juice has already released commercials starring Tim Tebow. The brand's founders have high hopes from the collaboration. "He really embodies what we believe in, and is authentic about doing what is best for his body and to be the best person he can be," Kat Eckles said. She added that she hopes to see Clean Juice achieve a lot more success as a national brand with Tebow's support.