What You Need To Know About The Milk Crate Challenge

Now is always a good time for a timeline cleanser, and while social media doesn't always deliver, it seems to have done so this weekend with a new trend that users are calling the "milk crate challenge" (via Twitter). The premise involving each #milkcratechallenge is simple. Build a pyramid out of milk crates measuring about seven crates at its highest point, scale it like you would a steep staircase, and then attempt to descend, hopefully without breaking any bones, pulling any muscles, or damaging whatever credibility you might have collected during your lifetime by falling off. 

If you're angling for social media stardom this could be your chance — one successful attempt logged by a man known as White Mike, has at least 8 million views (via Twitter). The task looks simple because, as Complex points out, milk crates are capable of supporting a hefty amount of weight (after all, these crates are stacked one on top of the other). Unfortunately, when they are turned upside down, they don't appear to be as stable as they seem, and they don't need much encouragement to collapse under the weight of a human adult.

Most milk crate challenge attempts have ended in failure

White Mike is not the only social media denizen to post his successful attempt to master the milk crate challenge. Another woman attempted the trend in high heels, which amazingly also ended triumphantly (via Twitter). But for most others, the dairy crate challenge was a chance to display the most epic falls and fails social media has seen in a while. One Twitter user labelled the latest craze "the funniest challenge since the ice bucket challenge years ago" as he shared a video of a failed attempt, which saw one ill-fated climber flying as the milk crates collapsed underneath him. 

Another said, "At least this one is actually "challenging" too. Too many times people just use challenge as a buzzword for something easy." A different social media user got philosophical about the many failed attempts to conquer the crates, writing, "The milk crate challenge is the perfect representation of what it's like to try to ascend within our class structure." But as another fellow Twitter user pointed out, it's all about the thrills, especially since "100000% nobody doing that milk crate challenge got insurance that's what make it more exciting" (via Twitter).