Reddit Is Divided On This Oddly Satisfying Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is certainly an impressive skill that requires a lot of patience and time. Combining artistic ability with confectionery know-how, and making a cake look beautiful is basically an art in its own right. Understandably, many people appreciate the talent that it takes to craft an artful and visually pleasing cake. Some people even find that watching the deft hands of these experts as they style the frosting, to be soothing and satisfying. 

One of these viewers, recently posted a short video to Reddit that demonstrated the various styles of frosting piping that are used in cake decorating. "This frosting piping is so satisfying," they captioned the video of a cake decorator showing off their frosting piping technique. The video depicted examples of several different types of piping, including beads, braids, ruffle, shell, reverse shell, and other interesting frosting designs that could be used to make a unique and beautiful cake.

Some Reddit users loved the designs, while others found them sloppy

Many social media users not only agreed the designs were satisfying, they were also quite impressed with the many handcrafted styles of piping shown in the video. "Reverse pretty," responded one Reddit user, while another said the design "Looks like seahorses." A different commenter raved, "Some wild muscle compartmentalization and muscle memory in those hands!" However, not every Reddit user was impressed with the skill on display. 

A few felt some of the designs could have been better executed, while others were quick to simply express their dislike of frosting in general. "Dunno, Braid was pretty sloppy, awful. Reverse shell seemed... well, just as off," critiqued one user. "Her tips are at too steep of an angle and she's pushing down too much," another user agreed, while a different commenter asked, "Anyone else hate frosting?" Decorating a cake with frosting requires a steady hand and a strong attention to detail. It is no doubt a difficult task to complete successfully, and as these Reddit comments show, sometimes even experts may not be able to live up to everybody's expectations.