The Star Trek Wine Sci-Fi Fans Should Know About

As if there needed to be another subject of debate between the "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" franchises, "Star Trek" has just released two new wines, one of them blue (via Food & Wine). And it just might be better than the "Star Wars" blue milk, a drink exclusively available at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge theme park located at Disney World and Disneyland. Of course, it's entirely up to fans to decide if they'd rather be drinking alien milk or blue spirits, but Star Trek Wines went to great lengths to ensure their product was of the highest quality. Along with the blue wine, which goes by the name Andorian Blue Chardonnay, Star Trek Wines also have released a Cardassian Kanar Red Wine Blend.

"In a quest for authenticity, the team conducted a rigorous multi-year search for an original Cardassian Kanar bottle, a unique, serpent-shaped vessel, originally utilized in the 1950s through the 1970s in Europe," Food & Wine reports. "With only a handful of the original bottles found, the few remaining were rendered in 3D for accuracy in Southern Italy to recreate an identical replica." The Andorian Blue Chardonnay packaging is made just as uniquely, and each bottle features one-of-a-kind silk screened designs and a United Federation of Planets medallion. According to Star Trek Wines, there are only 2,161 bottles of the Blue Chardonnay available, and each is hand-numbered. 

The Star Trek Wines taste as good as they look

Star Trek Wines, however, are not just about the collectible bottles. For as much dedication as the brand puts into the appearance, they also put that much effort into the taste. Andorian Blue Chardonnay is a special reserve Chardonnay produced in Santa Lucia Highlands and aged for 12 months to produce "bright, fresh acidity with a lush mouthfeel and long finish," the official website explains. The flavor is slightly sweet with fruity notes of citrus, peach, and apricots.

The Cardassian Kanar Red Wine Blend, crafted by award-winning winemakers, is a premium blend of red wine consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Sirah, and Petite Verdot. The flavor is rich and fruity, "with notes of ripe blackberries and juicy blueberries, velvety tannins, and a long, delightful finish," according to the retail site. reports that these two new wines debuted in August 2021 at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, though preordering is already open on the Star Trek Wines website, and shipping officially begins November 2021. Andorian Blue and Cardassian Kanar Red are being sold in a two-pack called "The Duet" that's priced at $110.

The two new bottles add to Star Trek Wines' existing collection, that first went to market in 2019, and also include Chateau Picard Cru Bordeaux, United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel, Klingon Bloodwine, and United Federation of Planets Sauvignon Blanc. A six-bottle pack of the entire collection is $299, per Food & Wine, but considering you finally get to experience a literal taste of intergalactic life, we'd say it's well worth it.