TikTok Is Divided On This Five Guys Cheeseburger Hack

Frustrated with the $11 they had to pay Five Guys for a bacon burger, TikTok user @fast.mind stumbled upon a menu combination that they just had to share. What you do, they explained, is order a grilled cheese, add a patty to that grilled cheese, as well as the other ingredients you typically desire, and let the employee add up your savings. In this case, the TikToker added bacon and paid just $8 for what normally costs $11.

The 58.4K likes the "hack" has received as of writing indicates the popularity of the idea. Still, it enjoyed objectors as well. "Cheaper to make it yourself," one person noted. After all, if the price was the biggest issue, buying the various ingredients and then indulging in the meal repeatedly would likely come out cheaper in the long run. One Five Guys worker also took issue with the problems it would present to them. "We hate everyone who does that because it takes longer than normal," they explained. 

Why are Five Guys foods priced so high?

Still, whether or not Five Guys employees hate making the discount sandwich is besides the point for many. After all, a cheaper Five Guys meal is a cheaper Five Guys meal, even if it does seem steep at $8.

For those who do not take the time to compare various burger franchises, the high prices Five Guys charges may sound utterly ridiculous. The price, however, is a necessity. As The Cold Wire explains, all the food is made fresh — and this doesn't just mean Five Guys pays more to get fresher ingredients. The company also has to pay their workers more as they take a more hands on approach to preparing the fresh ingredients, and is forced to cover the cost of waste that inevitably occurs due to how quickly the ingredients spoil. In other words, an $8 patty melt is about as cheap as you will get. But, for those who like Five Guys but need to budget themselves, it is worth it. Just remember to be polite and do not order it when the restaurant is in mid-rush.