Amaury Guichon's Biggest Problem With The French Culinary Education System

French pastry chef Amaury Guichon is hugely popular on Instagram, where he has around 3.9 million followers. Guichon started his journey as an executive chef when he was just 21 years old (via Delish). "You find a lot of young, highly motivated individuals [in food], but that was definitely something new in Paris," he said. "It was around then I heard of the very first TV pastry show that was doing a casting in the city." 

The chef ended up participating in the contest and ended up placing third, which ultimately helped Guichon build his network in the industry and move to the U.S. "One of the [show's judges] had a connection in Las Vegas and put me in contact with someone who was looking for an assistant manager at the time," he explained. "I ended up in Las Vegas eight years ago." Ever since then, Guichon has been keen on teachings others his craft, a trait that's earned him many fans online. However, when it comes to his early years in the industry, he thinks that things could have been much better. 

Amaury Guichon wishes for things to change in the education system

When Guichon was asked what motivated him to become a pastry chef, he had a surprising answer. "I know it sounds odd, but I was pushed into it," he told Delish. "Later on in life, I realized how terrible the [French university system is]. I'd been pushed into artisanal fields and French people consider those fields to be simpler." The chef further explained that he later appreciated that each of these fields require immense expertise and knowledge. 

He worked really hard on his skills, trying to become better at pastry making and make the most of the opportunity he had. Interestingly, he now has a school of his own called the Pastry Academy. Students are taught several aspects of pastry making in a program that lasts for 10 weeks and exposes them to pastry making, plated desserts, chocolate, ice cream, bread, chocolate showpieces, and more.