Tesco's Massive Avocados Are Turning Heads

Trust Tesco to come up with giant surprises for its customers. The brand has done well in terms of innovating and making sure that there's a little something for everyone to look forward to. The British chain is currently in the news for supplying giant avocados to its shoppers once more. According to LADbible, this product is one-of-a-kind and not easy to come across at all. In fact, it only shows up for a limited time every year.

The "Avozilla" is from South Africa and was so popular last year that it flew off the shelves in a few days. Redditors were taken aback by the size of the fruit too. Someone was so suspicious that they couldn't help commenting, "This is just the cynic in me, but my first thought is, 'how was this genetically modified to be this size, and what other plant and/or thing are its new genes borrowed from?'" Oops!

This one's a popular product

According to Mirror, the "Avozilla" is going to make its way to Tesco outlets across the U.K. from August 27. It's basically 10 times larger than a regular avocado. Whoa! The product can provide up to 10 servings and is super handy if you're hosting guests at home. Guacamole, anyone? 

Katalin Varnai, the brand's chilled salad and avocado buyer, said in a statement, "We know how much the UK likes avocados, so we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to offer this treat to our customers. We can't wait to see what deliciously green creations our nation of avocado lovers will rustle up!" What a treat, eh?

An enthusiastic Reddit user thinks that the fruit is impressive. They joked, "This must be a sign of old age. I actually got excited when I seen this and how much avocado I could get out of it." Whee. Meanwhile, another commentator pretty much echoed everyone else's thoughts and wrote, "Holy mole! Mucho guacamole!"