The Worst McDonald's Breakfast Item According To 30% Of People

For those that still visit McDonald's for breakfast, it's no secret that fans have their favorite breakfast items that are a constant go-to. According to Thrillist, the fast food chain has slipped in recent years within the breakfast category, which might be why it's decided to roll out new menu items, like a pull-apart glazed donut, to try to win people back. However, they've tried and failed with that one before, and people don't seem overly enthused to even try it this time around.

Until the new donut has a chance for people to check it out, Mashed polled 606 people in the U.S. on the worst McDonald's breakfast item in their opinion. The options included Egg McMuffin, Sausage McGriddles, hotcakes, fruit and maple oatmeal, a sausage burrito, and hash browns. Clearly, the only breakfast item of those options that people still love is McDonald's hash browns. They only received 4.79% of the vote, which means only 29 people out of more than 600 said that hash browns are the worst breakfast item at the chain.

This is the worst breakfast item

There were two more breakfast items that ranked toward the bottom of the poll, signifying that people actually like them more than the other options. Those options were hotcakes and the Egg McMuffin. Hotcakes were the second most liked of the worst menu items with just 11.39% of the vote. That's just 69 votes out of the total 606 people. The Egg McMuffin actually moved more towards the middle of the rankings with 13.20% of the vote from 80 people.

The top three worst breakfast menu items according to Mashed readers were the fruit and maple oatmeal, McGriddle, and sausage burrito. In third place was the McGriddle with 17.49% of the vote from 106 people. Next up, was the sausage burrito with 22.28% of the vote. Ultimately, the fruit and maple oatmeal was voted the worst breakfast item at McDonald's with just over one-third of all voters selecting it with 30.86%. Clearly, hash browns are the way to go.