Twitter Can't Believe Guy Fieri Just Posted These Memes

There's something of a digital feud brewing between Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk, and Guy Fieri is providing the comic relief no one knew they needed. You might remember Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes" that had a Bible verse along the side of the sole and contained a drop of human blood (via ABC). Even though the black and red sneakers sold out within minutes of dropping online, Lil Nas X received quite a bit of backlash.

Now Tony Hawk is selling skateboards that are apparently infused with his own blood, and Lil Nas X questioning why Hawk's blood-infused product isn't getting the same negative attention his shoes did. All he had to say about the product on the Instagram post that Rap by RAPTV shared was, "nah he tweakin." Which, for those unfamiliar with the phrase, means Lil Nas X thinks Hawk is acting "irrationally," according to ABC.

That's where Fieri comes in

Ever since Lil Nas X posted the "nah he tweakin" response, tons of others have copied the saying, though a glitch or bot might be responsible for just why so many comments are reading that way (via ABC). So when Guy Fieri found a meme of himself with the phrase typed across his forehead, he apparently thought it was funny enough to share. Fieri quote tweeted the meme and simply wrote, "Nah he tweakin'" as the caption of his own tweet.

But to make it all the funnier, Fieri didn't stop there. He also replied to his quote tweet with another meme of himself. This one is of the "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?" meme. If you're somehow not familiar with it, the original pictured Steve Buscemi wearing a "Music Band" tee and a baseball hat backward with a skateboard slung over his shoulder in a scene from "30 Rock" (via The Verge). But in this version, Fieri's head has been photoshopped over Buscemi.

Really, it's kind of the perfect, humorous summation of the digital feud, with Fieri cast in every part. That's not to say Lil Nas X doesn't have a very real angle to his larger argument.