Everything We Know About Gordon Ramsay's New Cooking Academy

Gordon Ramsay has served his way to success in the culinary world. As the second richest chef on the planet, according to Money Inc., it may be surprising to some to learn that the Scottish-born star hasn't always harbored dreams of becoming a world-renowned cook (via Insider). When Ramsay was young, in fact, he wanted more than anything to be professional soccer player, until a knee injury shattered those ambitions.

Yet, his backup career has certainly worked out well for him. Known for his hot temper and sharp tongue, Ramsay's unique personality has earned him starring roles in top-rated cooking shows such as "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares." And he also owns a slew of successful restaurants around the globe, including spots in the U.S., Singapore, and France. This culinary mastermind is also the king of Michelin stars. Throughout the entirety of his career, the 54-year-old chef has received 22 Michelin stars in total and currently holds seven, according to Fine Dining Lovers. 

To add to his busy schedule, Ramsay has a brand-new entrepreneurial endeavor up his sleeve, and of course, it once again has to do with cooking. In a video Ramsay shared on Twitter and Instagram, the celebrity chef radiated as he announced he's starting up his own cooking academy in Surrey, England this autumn. The building will offer multiple teaching kitchen spaces, a large demonstration area, a cookbook library, a relaxing lounge for breaks, and even a burger café to grab a bite between courses. But more than just the hands-on learning approach, it's what the Gordon Ramsay Academy will be teaching that's really exciting.

You can learn to cook like a master chef at Ramsay's new cooking academy

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook like a master chef? Now you learn from one of the world's finest at the Gordon Ramsay Academy in Surrey, England, opening this fall. In the video announcement, the celebrity chef radiated with enthusiasm as he discusses the exciting new project. "Starting today, you can book your place in some of the most incredible classes we have to offer," Ramsay says. "From the next level cakes, to the most amazing sushi master classes, or even, my favorite cuisine, vegan cooking."

For those intrigued, the academy is packed with cooking classes galore as seen on the official website. Classes range from 90 minutes to a half-day and full-day courses. If you only have a few hours on your hands, consider opting for the lazy brunch class and learn how to make indulgent eggs Benedict. For a more immersive experience, amateur chefs can take Ramsay's "Taste Of France" or Taste of Mexico" classes to learn how to make delicious dishes from around the world. There are even classes designed for the youngest home cooks, such as the "Burgers With A Twist" course for junior chefs ages 6-10.

"I've learnt so much working with the best chefs and restaurants around the world, but also from just eating and enjoying good food every day with family and friends. You can never stop learning, and that's what makes cooking so exciting and so much fun," Ramsay shares on his official academy site. If you're in the U.K. or paying a visit, sign up now before classes fill up!