The Organic Feta Costco Shoppers Swear By

Whether it be crumbled over salad or served in an olive marinade, used for a traditional dish like shakshuka or for a TikTok pasta trend, you can't go wrong with feta. However, for as versatile a cheese as feta is, buying one that tastes good can be a bit of a hit or miss. Sometimes it's too salty, sometimes it's too stinky, and other times it's just too expensive. Fortunately, there's one that seems to have ticked off all the right boxes, and it's sold conveniently at Costco under the store's Kirkland brand.

One customer couldn't help but share the find in a thread posted to the Costco Reddit page, and describes it as "Easily the best Feta I've ever tasted." That's a bold statement for grocery store feta, but other customers have been quick to agree. "I'm Persian, and I am a huge fan of this for Sobhane Irani," one Redditor wrote. Another added, "Can confirm, this feta is amazing." But what makes this feta so good?

This feta is the real deal

The fact that Costco's feta is organic certainly plays a role in its high-quality taste, but the product is also marked with the PDO seal of approval. According to Culture Magazine ("The Word on Cheese"), PDO stands for Protected Destination of Origin, referring to cheese made according to the standards set by the culture from which it originated. Not all cheese is PDO certified, so if the label doesn't specify it as such, it technically isn't authentic. The one from Costco, however, is.

Because Costco's feta is PDO certified, it's made with 100% sheep's milk. According to The Kitchn, U.S.-produced feta typically isn't. If the label says it's Greek style instead of just Greek feta, that means it's made with cow milk, not sheep's milk. American-made feta is also often sold in crumbles with preservatives to prevent caking. Costco's is sold as a block in brine, protecting it from exposure to air, thereby reducing sourness. Basically, it's the best feta you can get outside of Greece, and at only $9.99 for an entire pound, it's definitely worth the buy.