Reddit Is Making Fun Of Aldi's 'Shop Differentli' Slogan

Sometimes it takes people a while to notice the ridiculousness of something. In this case, someone just noticed how Aldi spells their tagline: "Shop differentli." 

"Was this done on purpose?" they asked Reddit, to which everyone on the Aldi subreddit answered in the same manner.

"Probabli," one said. "Sureli," another agreed. "Marketing smartli done," a third stated. As you can imagine, it went on and on. It's fun and further separates the cult of Aldi from other grocery store fans who don't have slogans to endlessly riff on.

To answer the question with more seriousness than it warrants, it was done on purpose. "Shop differentli" appears with a trademark logo in the "about us" section that Aldi gives everyone, including the FDA. Furthermore, the store's name ends in an "i." To a native English speaker, it looks ridiculous, just falling over the edge of too cutesy to be considered a stroke of marketing genius. "Evidentli," a fourth person answered, noting the marketing trick. "Otherwise, what would people have to talk about in the Aldi subreddit?"

What does 'shop differentli' mean?

At this point, you might wonder whether "shop differentli" means anything other than the fact that Aldi's marketing team has a quaint sense of humor.

In this case, it is probably both. The spelling is certainly cutesy, but Aldi has given it a direct meaning. As quoted by Live Chat, Aldi envisions themselves as "a faster, easier, and smarter way to save money on high-quality groceries." The biggest move here, Live Chat notes, is the emphasis on smart. While having a quicker and less stressful shopping experience is a good thing, only a smarter one reflects on the person who chooses to shop there. 

In fact, the intelligence — and sense of humor — of the Aldi shopper is evident in the Reddit thread about the tagline. So, really, the jokes made about "shop differentli" embody the tagline better than any marketing strategy Aldi could ever devise.