Andrew Zimmern's Deviled Crabs Photo Has Fans Talking

It is safe to assume that most people have tried a deviled egg at least once in their life, or at least seen one. Deviled eggs are best known as a quick and easy appetizer for both fancy events and casual get-togethers. But have you ever tried deviled crabs? 

According to Curious Cuisiniere, deviled eggs have a history that spans as far back as ancient Rome, where they would be served in a slightly different form as a first course of hard-boiled eggs accented with spicy sauces. The site also notes that the yolk stuffing component was introduced in Spain in the 13th century and our current version was first seen even later, in the 15th century. Deviled eggs got their name, as the North Carolina Egg Association theorizes, in the 1800s when "deviling" became a verb used "to describe the process of making food spicy."

Deviled crab, however, came about much later. According to Southern Food Ways, the idea first originated in Tampa, Florida at a Cigar Factory in the 1900s. The dish typically involves breading and frying a mix that features crab meat, fried green peppers, garlic, red pepper flakes, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, and other spices. But leave it to Andrew Zimmern to create a buzz with a post about Deviled Crabs, which adds another twist and has people talking.

Andrew Zimmern shared some tasty photos with his followers

As WRDE confirms, crabs and clam bakes are pretty common summer activities, especially on the East Coast. And it appears Andrew Zimmern took part, recently posting about a meal he devoured of Deviled Crabs. Though it's not exactly clear where he was able to feast on the delicacies, he took to Twitter to boast about the "Low Country must-have," also calling out some tasty steamed crabs, fried fish, and poached pepper oysters he enjoyed. The photo and caption were also linked on Instagram, and both posts created quite the buzz with the celebrity chef's followers.

One Twitter follower, @DinnerMariah, invited the chef to try deviled crabs at their origin city, Tampa. Many on Instagram also mimicked the sentiment that follower @dannblanton so perfectly captured, "OM goodness! My mouth is watering!" If you have never had deviled crabs before, more commonly known as "stuffed crab shells," (as one Instagram commenter pointed out), it seems Andrew Zimmern has just issued a dare to try them now before summer is out.