38% Agree This Product Isn't Worth Buying At Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has accrued its devoted customers by balancing the near-impossible combination of good prices and good quality. However, even the most rabid of TJ's fans would accept that the grocery chain does certain things well, while being surpassed in other areas. To suss out the type of food for which customers look elsewhere, we created a survey asking what product is not worth buying at Trader Joe's and 603 people in the United States responded.

Of those responding, only 5.31% deemed the deli meats as the least desirable. More ire was directed towards the rice, the meat and seafood as one unit, and organic milk — 10.45%, 12.11%, and 15.09% of people disliked each, respectively. Then, vitamins came in with the second-most disapproval, boasting 19.07%. However, by a clear margin with 37.98% of the votes, packaged sushi was deemed as the item least worth buying from the beloved grocery chain.

Why should we steer clear of the sushi?

That the packaged sushi was considered lower than all of the other Trader Joe's items listed should not really surprise. Unlike organic milk, the product does not lend itself to supermarket conditions. After all, the fish has to be prepared in advance, then stored in a refrigerator. This means that you can never have the fresh, raw fish that sushi should feature. If you want sushi, you should go to a place that prepares sushi.

However, sometimes you do not have the money to splurge on a restaurant trip. Fortunately, Sora News 24 reports that if you heat store-bought sushi in the microwave, it revives some of the fresh mouthfeel that was lost during refrigeration. Perhaps microwaving the packaged sushi Trader Joe's offers would make the food that little bit better, if not better enough to not be spurned by 37.98% of Mashed's survey.