Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its Halloween-Themed Air Plants

While Trader Joe's might be loved for its creative products and low prices, the grocery retailer is also known for its selection of reasonably priced flowers and plants. And apparently one of their most popular plants, a Halloween-themed air plant, is back on shelves. Several Trader Joe's fan accounts on Instagram posted about the green goods being available again, and they're going fast.

One Trader Joe's fan account, @TraderJoesList, wrote excitedly in all caps, "THEY'RE BACK, YOGI SKELETON AIR PLANTS." Selling for $6.99 each, the Instagram poster also mentioned how easy they are to take care of: "Fortunately air plants are an extremely easy plant to keep alive!" Another Instagram account @TraderJoesAficianado shared photos of the cute potted treasures on August 29, noting they snagged them for their home and office. But @TraderJoesObsessed was the earliest to share the plants on August 21, asking followers to post where they have seen them for the benefit of the online community as the plants are quick to sell. 

All of the photos posted show skeletons in three different yoga poses with the air plant in the top of the skull to emulate the look of hair. Between the three Instagram accounts listed above, the plants wracked up well over 72,000 likes in a matter of days.

This is what fans are saying about TJ's Halloween air plants

For just $6.99 each, fans are losing it over these cute, seasonal plants. Trader Joe's shoppers were quick to respond to the fan accounts to relay their experiences trying to find or buy these Halloween treats. Those who responded to @TraderJoesList wrote that they had some luck nabbing them. One person said, "Got mine last week!" while another said, "I bought 6!" One comment read, "I called every day! Got 1 in each pose." Another wrote, "Finally got my hands on these and they are the cutest!!" 

Fans and followers of @TraderJoesObsessed were also way ahead of the game. One person said, "They arrive Thursday the 26 in Montrose, CA." Another explained that they picked theirs up in Gainesville, Florida on August 23. One comment read, "Got two of them in Denver store this past week!" And another shared, "Got all of them!!!! They go super quick!!!!!" So if you haven't already looked for these at your local store, time is ticking. Though it does seem they are available in a good number of locations nationwide.

Just take a word of advice from those who responded to the @TraderJoesAficianado account that were not so lucky. One person said, "Ah mine sold out!" Another person wrote, "My store didn't have these." So, don't wait if these are a must-have for you. Skeleton yogi air plants obviously don't last long at Trader Joe's — but they should last all Halloween season.