Does France Actually Have A Wine Bottle-Shaped Train?

Spotting food-shaped transportation on the highway is not an anomaly for those of us who live in the United States. Here, we have RV-sized automobiles shaped like hot dogs and peanuts zooming around our interstates and inner cities as marketing vehicles for household brands like Oscar Mayer and Planters. Respectively dubbed the Wienermobile and the Nutmobile, these fun modes of transportation date back to as early as 1935 and are enriched in American history (via Planters).

So, for us, it didn't seem out of the ordinary to see France had jumped on the food-shaped transportation bandwagon with a creation of their own — a wine bottle-shaped train. Seems fitting since they are the wine capital of the world. The French people, on the other hand, went crazy over the public transportation news, and the video of the wine bottle-shaped train is now a viral sensation on Twitter. Sadly, it appears it will not be actually a functioning mode of transportation in the streets of France now or anytime soon ... because it's not real.

It's all the work of a genius artist

We're sorry to break it to you, but that wine bottle-shaped train filmed traveling the streets of Bordeaux is not real. It's a work of art. It was created by Ian Padgham, a viral digital artist who designs and curates videos for startups and brands, per his Twitter bio. Since moving from California to France with his family, the former Twitter employee has used the city of love as his digital muse, creating an "eye-filled" Eiffel Tower, cork traffic jams, and driving baguettes. This isn't his first take on public transportation either. This month he also showcased a french fry tram cruising the city of Brussels.

While the people of France (and tourists!) were keen on the wine bottle-shaped train idea, French travel industry TBM made it clear with an official decree that this viral video is simply a digital creation, and commuters should not expect to be greeted by a wine bottle-shaped train at their stop. Maybe a decade from now as technology continues to advance we'll be able to tour the sights of France in a wine bottle-shaped train. We can only hope. Until now we have Padgham's beautiful creations to inspire us.