What You Never Noticed About Beauty And The Beast's 'Be Our Guest' Dinner Scene

Mega Disney fans know there are a lot of plot holes and definitely some historical fallacy in many of the beloved animated movies. While some of the new live action remakes are solving some of the more questionable storylines, there's one people just can't quite get past (via Yahoo!). This particular hole in the storyline takes place in "Beauty and the Beast," and of course it's all about the "Be Our Guest" dinner song.

If you haven't watched the movie in a while, then you might need to rewatch the scene with fresh eyes. What you'll find is that Belle doesn't actually ever eat during the song (via YouTube). After the Beast showed her to her room, she refused to eat with him. But later in the night, Belle gets hungry enough to brave leaving her room and wander into the kitchen to try to find something. However, when Lumiere rallies the rest of the silverware and presents her with an incredible amount of dishes to choose from, Belle never eats anything other than a fingertip of "the grey stuff."

This is how the remake fixed the problem

Fortunately, Disney finally addressed the issue in their latest live action remake, according to Yahoo!. Since Belle never ended up eating even though she was hungry enough to try to find something in the gloomy castle, a bit of added dialogue during the "Be Our Guest" scene helped to clarify things. The new version of the classic explains that Belle never got to eat anything because the silverware and serving dishes were too busy dancing and singing. So, the dinner theater of the serving ware ultimately became the scapegoat.

Of course, there are tons of other questions people still have about the movie that haven't been resolved. From how the village simply forgot about their apparent royal family and the mismatched math of the curse having been bestowed 10 years prior to Belle's arrival, parts of the movie still are not perfect. It seems fans will just have to overlook the plot holes.