Lionel Richie And Tyra Banks Just Collabed On A New Ice Cream Flavor

There's nothing like a tub of ice cream to make you smile — or smize, in Tyra Banks' case. The model turned TV personality recently ventured into the ice cream business with the opening of SMiZE Cream in April, channeling her creative talents into concocting flavors like Chocolate Barbecue and Purple Cookie Mon-Star & Me (via Eater). Banks' most recent ice cream creation is the product of a collaboration with singer Lionel Richie, who Banks said she's been a fan of for as long as she can remember (via People). 

The limited edition flavor, called All Night Love, takes inspiration from Richie's famous love songs. The vanilla-based ice cream features Richie's favorite flavors from childhood, including midnight cookie crumble swirls, salted caramel ribbons, and heart-shaped pieces of fudge covered in milk chocolate. Every SMiZE flavor includes a "SURPRiZE," and All Night Love is no different. If you dig into the tub, you'll find caramel-scotch cookie dough.

Tyra Banks and Lionel Richie share a passion for ice cream

In a press release (via PR Newswire), Tyra Banks explained that perfecting the All Night Love ice cream required a great deal of experimentation and refining. She and Lionel Richie even consulted the expertise of a food scientist before they landed on a flavor combination they were finally satisfied with. But, regardless of how time-consuming the process was, Banks notes it was a labor of love. "In developing All Night Love, it would disappear so fast from our test and home kitchens because we would all grub on it until there was none left," Banks said.

Now Banks and Richie are eager to share the flavor they worked so hard on with those who love ice cream as much as they do. All Night Love is available at the SMiZE ice cream shop in Santa Monica, and can also be pre-ordered and shipped nationwide through the SMiZE website starting September 1. Sign us up!