TikTok Is Cracking Up About This Harsh Coffee Truth

As Lizzo says, "truth hurts." That may be true, but there are other times when the truth is just plain funny. 

While Scientific American has found there's actually a decent amount of evidence that jokes tend to be funnier to us when they point out things we know to be inherently true, we're not here to talk about science. Still, it's undeniable that when something is funny because it's true, it's not usually funny to just one person. These kinds of jokes provide the realization that other people experience the same things we do, and when it's pointed out in an amusing way, that shared connection can lead to some intense belly laughs.

Right now on TikTok — maybe the most humorous social media app — a viral video showcasing the harsh truth about coffee has viewers laughing nonstop. If you're in need for a little lighthearted humor, especially if you're someone who can't start the day without their java, keep reading to see what's got the internet's attention.

TikTokers are laughing at video about having to go to the bathroom after having coffee

The TikTok that seems to have captured coffee lovers' attention features creator @mikeykazz reenacting a conversation between two friends about grabbing another cup of coffee.

"Didn't you already have one?" the first character asks. "Yeah," the second responds nonchalantly. The video goes on to describe some of the less pleasant side effects that come with a morning java: getting the jitters, anxiety, having to go to the bathroom frequently — maybe you've experienced them yourself. But in the end, both friends seem to agree that, despite the negative impacts, it's still worth it for another caffeine hit. The video's caption, "a small price to pay," only confirmed this.

Viewers found the video hilarious, pointing out they too have experienced this very real situation. "I feel anxious, crazy, sometimes stressed, clumpy stomach, but it tastes so good and feels like going on an adventure!" one commenter wrote. Another shared, "I always thought I was the only one who had issues with coffee, I didn't realize I was just the only one too weak to deal with them."

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a casual drinker, you might've felt the consequences of coffee, too. But if you're willing to drink it despite everything, you might find yourself laughing alongside these TikTokers, thinking to yourself "it's funny because it's true."